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Father Rabbit

Lettuce x Lu Diamond Daily Diary 2024

Lettuce x Lu Diamond Daily Diary 2024

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The 2024 Lettuce X Lu Diamond Daily Diary is simply gorgeous - think soft and elegant meets bold and boisterous (with a twist of the unconventional), and you have the perfect combination for the new Lettuce and Lu Diamond 2024 Daily Diary.

With a lovely floral and vegetable arrangement on the cover, this diary is the perfect accompaniment for anyone who loves to keep track and take notes throughout the day.

This will not only be a good companion to help you pop down your thoughts, but will also keep you accountable and up to date with everything going on in your world.

A5 Hardcover, day per page diary featuring

  • Weekly To-Do lists
  • Monthly double page planner
  • To do lists - Read, Watch, Buy, Listen, Do, Make
  • Lie flat cover
  • Ribbon marker
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