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Explore a diverse selection of distinctive gifts, gift boxes, home décor, and apparel crafted to provide exclusive options for you and your loved ones.

Maree + Kim advocate for A little love co as a means to connect with those you hold dear, whether they are nearby or located elsewhere in New Zealand, by enhancing your gift-giving experience with luxury items, homewares, and lifestyle products.

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Organic Skincare

Pamper your skin with organic skincare crafted in New Zealand by women-led organisations who understand the daily challenges your skin faces due to the local climate and conditions.

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Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, offering an ideal solution for presenting a meaningful gift to someone special. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or any special event, a beautifully adorned gift box enhances the excitement and anticipation.

With options ranging from sophisticated ribbons and bows to lively patterns and colors, there's a gift box to match every preference and style. When you have a gift to give next time, think about the impression of offering it in a delightful gift box – it will undoubtedly make your gesture more memorable and cherished.

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