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We understand that you know your loved ones and friends best! We have a range of products that we love, sourced around New Zealand for you to select and create a box or simply just purchase the product yourself. You can browse through the products below or you can use the filter by collection drop down to choose a particular category to look through. Simply choose your products, then select the appropriate packaging and leave a gift message and we will create your gift for you.
Wick Trimmers
Father Rabbit Notebooks
Gibson & Green Gardening Grow Kits
Mini Cotton Wheat Bags
100% Cotton Wheat Bags
Lettuce Puzzle - Blush
Lettuce Puzzle - Juliette Hogan Tapestry Floral
Lettuce Puzzle - Spring Harvest
Lettuce Puzzle - Fanny Osborne
Lettuce Puzzle - Florist Flower
Lettuce Puzzle - Botanica
Lettuce Puzzle - Auckland Volcanoes