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The Blokes Deluxe

The Blokes Deluxe

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A gift box that should feature for one of the men in your lives.


DIY'ers Wondertool - What builders, cyclist, skateboarder, surfers, snowboarder or the  DIY'er in your life is not going to want one of these tools - One Tool - Twelve Features.
Bottle Opener - Spoke Wrench 14/15G - PH 2 Flat 5 - Corkscrew - Hex 2/2.5/3/45/6mm

Botanical Man Shaving Soap & Brush - It may seem old fashioned but once they try it they will never look back. 

This natural soap made by Botanical Skin Care is amazing featuring Tea Tree & Shea Butter Shaving Soap has been handmade to create a rich and creamy lather.  Tea Tree, Manuka Honey and Kaolin Clay helps heal and draw out impurities while Shea Butter and Coconut Oil aid with hydration.

Then to ensure the perfect shave this faux badger bristle shaving brush with rosewood handle is going to be a favourite.  The bristles on this brush are beautifully soft to create a lasting lather and gentle application. 

Six Barrel Soda Syrup - Perfect thirst quencher or mixer

The Remarkable Chocolate Dark Chocolate Almond & Popped Quinoa 56% dark organic couverture chocolate, poured over natural roasted almonds and lightly crisped Peruvian quinoa 135 grams.


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