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Tea Tonic Mini Tea Chest - Gourmet Tin - Complete Tea Range

Tea Tonic Mini Tea Chest - Gourmet Tin - Complete Tea Range

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Tea Tonic Mini Tea Chest indulge in the full spectrum of flavours with this opulent 4-compartment Tea Chest, featuring a luxurious blend of both organic and non-organic teas. Each of the 33 individually wrapped, unbleached tea bags is elegantly showcased in our mini tea chest, making for a truly exquisite experience.

Tea Tonic - in 1998, Lisa Hilbert founded Tea Tonic, driven by her passion as a naturopath and herbalist to share her love for tea with the world. Ensuring the highest quality and purity of her products, she uses only organic plants and herbs to not only provide a delicious taste, but also promote wellness and cure ailments.

The first tea to debut was the Complexion Tea, a carefully crafted blend of cleansing herbs that support radiant skin. As demand for Tea Tonic grew, new teas were continually added to the collection, each boasting the same tempting flavor and crafted with the finest organic ingredients from Australia.


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