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Neat Organic Cacay Face & Hair Elixir

Neat Organic Cacay Face & Hair Elixir

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Neat Organic Cacay Face & Hair Elixir if you're a multi-tasker like me, you'll adore a product that serves more than one purpose! You'll appreciate the convenience and simplicity!

This effortless face and hair serum, packed with ultra-nutritious and deeply restorative properties, can be applied twice a day as your go-to moisturizer - OR whenever you please as a hair mask for those pesky dry strands.

Cacay oil comes from South America, particularly the Amazon, and is known as the "miracle oil" thanks to its exceptionally beneficial qualities.

Helps With

Preventing Hair Loss | Reducing Wrinkles | Smoothing Blemishes


100% pure Organic Cacay Oil - extremely high quality, and is not mixed or diluted. Caryodendron orinocense (Cacay Oil) - also called Kahai Oil

Characteristics of Cacay Oil

Light golden yellow in color, with a soft mild nutty scent. Best used in the morning or on clean skin. If used in the morning apply under your usual natural SPF. Use on the ends of dry hair to bring hair back to life!


Our organically crafted Cacay Oil is extracted from the highly nutritious nuts (seeds) of the Caryodendron orinocense growing in the Amazon forests along the eastern base of the Andes mountains primarily in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

50ml Glass Pump

Neat is a fabulous women-led brand created in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

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