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Local and Divine Food Gift Box

Local and Divine Food Gift Box

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Warning this box contains not only divine tasty food but it is also gluten cool is that!  Your giftee is going to be raving about this gift box.


Aldersons Garlic + Dill Pickle Chips are made for your platters, burgers or sandwiches or simply to snack on - conveniently crinkled sliced with an intense dilly flavour.

Aldersons Zesty Red Pickled Onions can be used on a platter or with any meal to add an extra pop of crispy, colourful, tangy goodness.

Try them in burritos, soups, salads, nachos, burgers, pizza , falafel, with eggs or potato salad.

Aldersons Zest Pepper Sauce get your tastebuds ready a combination of freshly squeezed lemons & roasted limes are combined with a variety of peppers to create this zesty hot sauce. While this sauce is hot, it has strong citrus, herb and Kaffir lime leaf infusion to provide a good balance.

It goes well with almost anything - meat, fish, or vegetables. Add a dash to liven up any meal. Heat Level: Hot

Choice Fruit Products NZ Chilli & Lime Infused Olive Oil featuring wonderful chilli, limes, herbs and spices– why prepare messy dippers when you can pour straight from the bottle. Combined with Blue Earth award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A perfect dipping oil for your next platter.

Choice Fruit Products NZ Apple, Pear & Plum Chutney, a new chutney full of deliciousness and fresh flavours.

Superseed Crackers Original Garlic & Rosemary these have a delicious savoury flavour perfect on its own for snacking or with a soft brie or pate. Crush and coat chicken fillets or fish then panfry for an easy gluten free dinner.

Fudge & James Biscotti Almond and Cranberry flavour biscotti made with gluten free ingredients. Crunchy almonds with sweet and tangy cranberries.

These gluten free biscotti are made with premium gluten free ingredients. Using locally sourced free range eggs and fruits. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its flavour and texture. Biscotti hand crafted with love so don’t expect a completely uniform size and shape. We think that just adds to their character.

Fudge & James Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies are delicious cookies, are made with gluten free ingredients and generous chunks of milk chocolate. You wont believe how good they taste.

Maud & Harry Walnut Brittle & Popcorn Clusters a delicious combination of our Walnut brittle mixed with popcorn creating a heavenly light crunchy treat. It is really hard to share these guys, they are just so good. 

Well & Truly Raspberry Road Granola the decadence of tangy raspberries combined with New Zealand grown macadamias, gourmet nuts and seeds finished with a touch of New Zealand bush honey.

A delightful, nutrient dense, small batch handcrafted granola.

Certified Gluten Free and 100% Natural. It’s simple made special.

Well & Truly Crunchy Crumble oh my gosh...this nutty crumble is well and truly delicious. From a simple breakfast sprinkle to a cheesecake base or even a roast stuffing this nourishing combination of nuts and seeds is perfect to enhance those hearty creations.  Handcrafted to a golden glow and ground into a classic crumble.

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