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Lettuce Puzzle - Gretchen Albrecht Skydive

Lettuce Puzzle - Gretchen Albrecht Skydive

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Lettuce x Auckland Art Gallery | Puzzle | Gretchen Albrecht Skydive sensuous striations of magentas, blues, yellow and greens dance with each other, translating the hills and rugged coastline of Waitakere into a floating expanse of sea, sky and earth.

For over 60 years, pioneering abstractionist Gretchen Albrecht has encapsulated the experience of being within the Aotearoa landscape with her gestural sweeps of paint. Melding feeling, imagination and aesthetic instinct, her paintings do not depict landscapes, but instead offer sensory memories that shift and hum, long after the paint has dried.

Skydive conjures up images of sunsets so magical that they remain forever burned in your mind; of hills transforming from green, to pink, to inky blue as the sun dips from the sky.

1000 piece puzzle

Finished puzzle is 68cm x 48cm

Box dimensions 26.5cm x 21.5cm x 5.5cm

Puzzle pieces come in a fabric bag inside the box

The cardboard for the puzzles and boxes are a mixture of recycled and sustainably grown timber.

All inks used are soy based ink.

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