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Metal Metcalfe

Earrings - Studs of Steel

Earrings - Studs of Steel

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These earrings are perhaps coolest and the smallest art sculptures you can wear! 

They are unique are one of a kind for sure, get ready for the compliments! Made by two sisters from in the Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.  Using repurposed steel drums which have travelled thousands of miles around our little planet, where they give them a second life of travel...on your ears!

These earrings come from a combination of play and a strong sustainability focus, they are laser cut and are the colours and markings of the actual drum, they are not painted after cutting.  

The stud fixing on the back is Stainless Steel (minimising skin allergies or reactions).

Styles Available

  1. Pink Ribbon statement earrings 7mm x 70mm
  2. Blue Ribbon statement earrings 7mm x 78mm
  3. EC is in Grape toning's with White letters 7mm x 30mm
  4. Navy Blue are Rustic in shape and style 30mm x38mm
  5. Orange Dots are 12mm in diameter
  6. Rustic Yellow Ribbons 9mm x 24mm
  7. Tan/Mint Rustic Ovals 25mm in diameter
  8. Matt Black Ribbons 14mm x 25mm
  9. Minty Green Rustic Ovals  27mm in diameter
  10. Bright Green Rustic Ovals 30mm in diameter
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