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Christmas Eve Fun

Christmas Eve Fun

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This Christmas Eve Sack will keep young ones entertained and busy on Christmas Eve...lots of fun.


Christmas Eve Calico Sack everything packs away nicely in here for storage until next year ready to top up supplies and let the fun begin again...year after year.

Santa Board this board sums it up so well and Santa will see that there has been plenty of care and love has gone into his snacks to ensure the energy levels stay up.  

Cookie Kit Whipping up a batch of cookies on Christmas Eve is easy with this kit, recipe and ingredients (you will need to provide wet ingredients) then using the cookie stamps make a special message for Santa before baking and presto you have designer cookies for Santa.

Milk for Santa a nice small milk jar and straw especially for the man in the big red suit.

Devonport Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Bars a hot chocolate for the kids to enjoy with a cookie and perhaps a chocolate while listening to their bedtime story.

A Kiwi Night before Christmas Book this gorgeous hardcover book will be around for years and years to share with your children and grandchildren.

Santa Key hang the key where Santa can see it.

Magic Reindeer Food get the children to sprinkle some of this magic potion on the lawn before they go to bed so Santa's reindeer will spot the magic rays and know where to land. Reindeer food is made from edible ingredients just in case.

This Christmas Eve Sack is truly going to be magical for your family and become a tradition for generations.

 (The Santa board has been made with permanent vinyl do not put in dishwasher just a damp cloth to wipe it down is best to preserve the design)

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