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Vased Flowers Gift

Vased Flowers Gift

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A true one of a kind gift that keeps on giving featuring a one of a kind vases/vessels thrown in speckled stoneware and glazed in white or pink and features a handcrafted posie from Dried Meadow.

Each piece is thrown on the wheel and hand glazed and as is the nature of handmade items there may be slight imperfections, we love these as they add to the uniqueness of every piece.

All products are measured, described and photographed as accurately as possible, please allow a mm or two for variation. 

To prolong the life of your piece please hand wash in warm water.


White Glaze Vase

2.  Vase is 70mm base x 75mm high and features a cute arrangement of Lavender and Gypsophila

4.  Vase is 75mm base x 75mm high and features a stunning array of sunshine

Pink Glaze

6.  Vase is 70mm base x 80mm high and features a stunning pink infusion

9.  Vase is 55mm base x 90mm high and features neutral with a splash of burgundy

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This is truly a gift of love that keeps on giving.

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