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A great gift for those who love to garden...this Terrarium gift box is just the ticket, everything included* to make a stand out feature for the table or sideboard.  


Glass Bowl 18cm high x 25cm wide This bowl is sturdy and heavy, it is going to last the distance, works perfectly, a real feature

Activated Charcoal, Silica Sand, Stones, Peat and Gravel included to complete your terrarium

3 piece Mini Garden Tools  this set will help you keep your terrarium looking immaculate.  Avoid damaging your precious plants with tools that are far too big. This dainty precision tool set in natural wood will make tending to those smaller plants and seedlings much safer and easier

Botanical Plant Mister This elegant Botanical Style Glass Plant Mister is a must.  The angled spout allows you to get at hard-to-reach or smaller areas. Simply fill with water and mist plants until ideal hydration is achieved.

 *Plants not included


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