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Snacks & Games Gift Box

Snacks & Games Gift Box

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The Snacks & Games Gift Box is perfect for those active friends and family. For those who like to be active but also enjoy their snacks.


Deluxe Paddle Tennis These make a fantastic gift with a slightly nostalgic vibe, perfect for a collector or games lover!

Superseed Crackers Lemon & Poppyseed are a unique exciting new cracker flavour full of tasty poppyseeds with the tang and zest of New Zealand lemons. Great with cream cheese, salmon, and adds a new dimension to any homemade dip.

The Choice Fruit Products NZ Feijoa & Chilli Chutney, a Feijoa chutney with a bit of a chilli kick. Love or hate them? If you love feijoa you won’t be able to put the jar down! 

The Choice Fruit Products NZ Gherkin Relish is great on its own, as an accompaniment, or with cheese and crackers Add to sough dough with creme cheese or is perfect with meats, crackers, cheeses & superb in dips…

Fudge & James Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies are delicious cookies, are made with gluten free ingredients and generous chunks of milk chocolate. You wont believe how good they taste.

Maud & Harry Walnut Brittle & Popcorn Clusters a delicious combination of our Walnut brittle mixed with popcorn creating a heavenly light crunchy treat. It is really hard to share these guys, they are just so good. 

Blue Dinosaur Lemon & Macadamia Bars x 2 these bars are made with macadamias, coconut and organic cold-pressed lemon oil, this bar tastes just like your Grandma's lemon slice but lacks the guilt one feels after smashing half a tray of Nan's finest.

Queen Anne Dark Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Fish Bites 170g just like Chocolate Fish - but smaller! Our Queen Anne Dark Chocolate Raspberry Marshmallow Fish Bites are the perfect indulgent treat. These little chocolate fish are a twist on a Kiwi icon with the dark chocolate deliciously combined with raspberry marshmallow. They come in a sharing box, so there is enough for everyone…. Or maybe not, they are very moreish.


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