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Smoke + Bacon

Smoke + Bacon Poker Chip Golf Markers + Tees Set

Smoke + Bacon Poker Chip Golf Markers + Tees Set

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Smoke + Bacon Poker Chip Golf Markers + Tees Set these are more than a practical tool, these marker is a conversation starter, a symbol of fun, and a reflection of your lively spirit.

It embodies the enjoyable side of golf, reminding players that the game is as much about laughter and camaraderie as it is about skill and precision.

These golf markers aren't just an accessory; it's a piece of amusement, a dash of charm, and a testament to your fun-loving approach to the game.

With its hefty weight and unique design, it assures precise marking while adding a touch of personality to your golf gear.

A perfect gift for the golf enthusiast. 

Options available

  • "Whoa" bring joy, share laughs, and make your mark on the course. With the "Whoa" marker, every game becomes an opportunity to entertain, create memorable moments, and celebrate the playful spirit of golf.
  • “Are You Looking at My Putt” a playful and witty accessory for golfers who like to add a touch of humor to their game.
  • “Born to Play Golf, Forced to Work” embrace your love for golf and the lightheartedness of the game.

  • “Eat Sleep Golf Repeat” a must-have accessory for avid golfers who live and breathe the game.

  • “I Hate Golf”  a unique and whimsical accessory for golfers with a sense of humour.

  • "Let the Course Be with You" a fun marker for those that not only have a love of golf but Star Wars.
  • "I know I Golf like a Girl try to Keep Up" perfect for the girls. Let those guys know whos' winning.

Each Set contains 1 x Poker Chip Marker and 2 Tees.

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