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Relaxing Vibe

Relaxing Vibe

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A great gift for those friends or family who are in isolation at home or a lovely gift to send to someone who has a lot on at the moment and needs some relaxing vibes.


Florist Flower Puzzle by Lettuce   A great way to unwind this gorgeous 1000 piece puzzle is stunning. 

Botanical Vanilla Peppermint & Lemon Balm Foot Soak  Find a quiet moment to enjoy a fizzy treat for your feet.

A refreshing blend of Sodium Bicarbonate (alkalising), Epsom Salts (packed with magnesium), Green Clay (purifies) and Almond Oil (moisturising) which helps to revitalise tired feet and ankles..

Organic Webster's Tea - Pineapple Sweet pineapple and creamy coconut come together for a piña colada-esque fruity tropical tea blend. Especially nice cold brewed and over ice.

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