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Koko Body

Koko Body The One Balm

Koko Body The One Balm

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Koko Body The One Balm - The One is designed to be your all in one little lifesaver.  He’s an make up removing cleansing balm, a melting massage oil, a skin soothing hand and nail salve, a cuticle oil, a heel balm, and an overnight pressed serum.

The custom blend of vegan plant butters combined with carnauba wax provides the ultimate deep nourishment your skin needs while still being gentle and non irritating.  Organic apricot kernel oil, calendula and rosehip have healing properties that soothe irritated skin and encourage restoration of damaged scarred skin.

Use Me

  • Cleansing Balm

Simply warm a pea sized amount in your hands and then smooth onto your face. Remove with a warm damp cloth.

  • Overnight Serum

Struggling with super dry skin?  Then try using The One as an overnight moisture boost.  Cleanse skin as normal and then dampen skin before applying a pea sized amount of  The One to the face.  Massage in and let it work it’s wonders overnight.

  • Tattoo Balm

Apply as much as needed to your new tattoo to ensure it doesn’t dry out.  The blend of plant butters and oils should help your new artwork heal.

  • Cuticle Balm

Pop a small dot on the bed of each nail.  Gently massage around cuticle area and let it soak in.

 The One is a deeply nourishing and healing.  Locking in moisture for ultra hydration.  A subtle blend of vanilla, bergamot and lemon gives a hint of deliciousness when used on the lips.

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