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Attract Brand

Oh A Little Bit Cheeky but Fun...Fridge Magnets

Oh A Little Bit Cheeky but Fun...Fridge Magnets

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Attract Brand Magnets are not your everyday fridge magnet, they are a bit cheeky, funny and colourful. A reminder to ourselves to have a laugh and to celebrate the fact that we are fabulous.

  • Just two attractive bitches hanging out at the fridge is the perfect gift for your besties.

This is a great magnet which employs the fun literary technique of ‘wordplay’ using the word “attractive”.  It’s a double banger, the magnet is attractive, and so are you. These are all just facts.

  •  I am f***ing Radiant is a bit of fun but also a reminder to us that we shouldn’t take a moment to appreciate ourselves.

If this isn’t the first thing I see in the morning when I open my fridge bleary-eyed to get some milk, then I don’t want to wake up at all.

  •  Sweet As(s) his magnet is note from you to you that you’re a sweet piece of… cake.  Positive affirmation magnet ✅  Better magnets than your neighbour ✅

Dimensions and Specs the magnets are approximately 8cm in diameter, which is roughly the size of your palm. They are made of multiple layers of coloured rubber stacked on top of each other. They are a little over 0.5cm in depth.

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