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Sweet Disorder Christmas

Sweet Discorder Sweets *Christmas Themed

Sweet Discorder Sweets *Christmas Themed

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Sweet Disorder Christmas Themed Stock 

Perfect for Mid Winter Christmas parties, gifts or prizes.

Sweet Discorder established by Molly, a self-certified candy addict and lover of a good laugh, who was starting to feel that being an adult can often be a bit too serious and stressful, and definitely not as fun as it could be!

Whilst we can all appreciate that life is not going to be easy every day, Molly was concerned that the act of having a good belly laugh could be under threat of extinction. This range of quality candies aims to help combat this.  Sweet Disorders mission is to add a sprinkle of happiness and a dash of fun wherever they can, whilst proudly supporting and making a difference to others who are struggling to laugh today.

A percentage of every sale made is donated to charitable causes that support the improvement of mental health and well-being in New Zealand, so thank you for your support.

With a aim to use packaging that is reusable or recyclable and source products locally whenever possible.

Selection available

  • "Tis the Season to be Naughty Mint Candy (Best Before 10 February 2024)
  • Ho Fricking Ho contains Black Ball Candy (Best Before 22 September 2023)
  • Santa's Treat contains Gummy Candy(Best Before 20th November 2023)
  • Mistletoe Kisses contains Granny Mints  (Best Before 30th June 2023)
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