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Six Barrel Soda Syrup

Six Barrel Soda Syrup

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Six Barrel Soda drinks are made with real ingredients, like NZ citrus, organic ginger, central Otago cherries and fair trade organic cane sugar.

All drinks are free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and contain around 30% less sugar than most sodas.

Winners of the NZ 2021 Artisan Awards for non-alcoholic drinks.

These soda are perfect for the soda stream, adding to sparkling water or a sneaky Gin or Vodka.

Raspberry & Lemon

A firm family favourite since way back. Raspberry and Lemon combines, well, real raspberries and NZ lemon juice and zest to make a crisp pink drink that ticks all the boxes.

Rose Lemonade

Mix Rose Lemonade syrup with sparkling water for a light floral lemonade with a pink blush. Garnish with lemon, rose buds, edible flowers or other fancy things.

Rosemary & Cucumber

Rosemary Cucumber Tonic takes on the Classic Tonic recipe, dials the citrus back and adds a bunch of fresh rosemary and cucumber to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your mixer.


Lemonade is inspired by lemon trees heaving with fruit and old school lemonade stands. Using NZ lemon juice and zest, with a hint of Marlborough sea salt to make a crisp, zesty, not too sweet lemonade.

Cola Six

Cola Six is a well-rounded classic that bursts with citrus and spice notes. Six years perfecting the mix of the six main flavours: lime, orange, cinnamon, kola nut, coriander seed and vanilla. They kinda nailed it.

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