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Julis Aprons

Gardening Apron

Gardening Apron

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Upcycled Gardeners Apron these aprons are created in the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand and are just the bees knees, funky, unique and heavy duty perfect for out in the garden!  They are sustainably made from upcycled jeans. Unwanted denim from the local opportunity shops is lovingly washed, cut, and pieced together with skill and flair to make gorgeous, “new” denim fabric. The fabric is then cut into several aprons. This means that each gardener’s apron is gorgeously crafted from several pairs of jeans – no two are the same! It doesn’t get more unique (or more sustainable) than this.  These gardener’s aprons are perfect for tying around your waist or for hanging up. They feature three pockets for any tools you may need.

Each apron is unique and the one you receive may differ slightly from the ones photographed.

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