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Waiheke Table Olives

Waiheke Table Olives

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Waiheke Table Olives, produced by n u m b e r 2 9, are harvested late summer, from the grove on Waiheke Island.

The olives are selectively, hand picked and processed in a boutique manner to keep them as natural as possible, to ensure a good texture and true tangy taste. They are bottled in a light brine solution and topped with a little oil to prevent air contact.

This process will keep them in excellent condition for up to two years. Store in a cool cupboard away from sunlight but when opened store in the refrigerator.

N u m b e r 2 9 Waiheke Table Olives are best served in a dish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and enjoyed with breads and wine. Herbs like oregano, rosemary, lemon or lime zest can be added.

They are also wonderful in with pasta, roasted vegetables, and salads, or any Mediterranean dishes.

Produced at Waiheke Island pouch contains 300 grams.

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