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Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers

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A great gift for the coffee lover.


The CaliWoods Hot and Cold Short Cup is the perfect size for your morning coffee or tea - your on-the-go essential reusable cup.  Ditch The Disposables, and say hello to insulated conservation cups!  Perfect for that coffee in the morning or use to keep your lunchtime Smoothie crispy cool.

Small Batch Matakana Coffee Roasters Multi-award winning ‘Village Market Blend’ has a flavour profile of rich dark chocolate, stone fruit, and hazelnut. Roasted medium dark.

Fudge & James Gluten Free Almond and Cranberry Biscotti- 225g
Almond and Cranberry flavour Biscotti made with gluten free ingredients. Crunchy almonds with sweet and tangy cranberries. You will not be disappointed.

 *As a small business we believe in great customer service. We will always ensure your gift box goes out with the freshest of perishable products as possible. From time to time we may need to substitute the offering in the box to ensure your gift has the freshest product in them, we always ensure the value and quality is as equal or more.

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